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How to Use the SpamTrap Spam Filtering Service

SpamTrap is our advanced spam filtering service. Although it is very powerful and will help keep your inbox free from annoying spam, it is simple to use. If an email you wish to receive is not making it to your inbox, it's most likely because it was flagged as spam.

You can check SpamTrap to see all email that has been filtered. If you find messages that you wish to receive in the future, you can instruct the system to just deliver that message, or to always deliver messages from that sender, or to always deliver messages from that domain.

Viewing Your SpamTrap Filter 

Browse to:

Enter your email address as your username and the password for that email account. If you do not know the password for the email account, you may contact us to have it reset.

Once you are logged in, review the messages in the Pending Messages area. You can change the status of each message if you wish, or you can simply leave most messages set to "Do Nothing" and only change specific messages. NOTE: If you do not see the Pending Messages page, click on the ENABLE EXPERT INTERFACE button at the bottom of the page.

After you set the status and action of any messages you wish to change, click on the SUBMIT CHANGES button at the top or bottom of the page.

If you do not see the message you are looking for in the Pending Messages area, click on TRAP CONTENTS from the top navigation options. You can then select Spam or Search to look for messages that have already been flagged as spam or to search for specific messages. Once you find the message you may change the status by using the dropdown menu as outlined above.

The level at which SpamTrap decides that a message is most likely spam can be set higher or lower based on your needs. SpamTrap can also be set to send you a notice periodically to let you know which messages it has filtered out of your inbox.

Training Your SpamTrap Filter

You can train your SpamTrap filter to recognize spam it is missing or valid email it believes to be spam. If you are receiving the same spam messages frequently, here are a few options:

Report the particular type of email as spam every time you receive one (see steps below).

Block all email from the sender of the spam (although the sender is often changed with every spam message).

Block all email from the offending domain (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), then whitelist anyone that uses that domain that you still wish to receive email from.

Reporting a Particular Message as Spam

View the email headers from the message.

Locate the X-Canit-Stats-ID line near the bottom of the email headers.

Login to SpamTrap.

Click on the RULES navigation option, and then click VOTE.

Copy and paste the number from the X-Canit-Stats-ID into the Stats ID field.

Copy and paste the alpha-numeric string from the X-Canit-Stats-ID into the Magic field.

Click the SPAM button to report the email as spam, or the NON-SPAM button to report it as valid email.

the Canit stats ID information




Adding a Rule for an Entire Domain

Click on RULES from the navigation menu.

Select DOMAINS from the Rules sub-menu.

Enter the domain name you wish to add a rule for, then click ADD RULE.

Select the action you wish to enforce from the dropdown menu.

If you wish, add an expiration date or a comment for the rule.


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