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Enjoy The Process

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

One of my writers came in to my office the other day and screamed “this business is so frustrating!”  No kidding. Would you like to go drive a truck instead? (Nothing against truck drivers) I replied. The thing you have to remember about the music business is we all made a conscience decision to do this. Executives and writers alike.  Nobody forced us.  We all however do get frustrated and that is normal.  A little bit of frustration is good because it shows you care about doing well and that helps to keep your motor going but too much frustration and the motor can overheat.  And that’s NOT good. To avoid this most common writer ailment set a realistic goal given the stage of your career.  If your just starting out it could be to find local collaborators or maybe to get that first live gig at the local pub.  Whatever it is be realistic.  As you progress of course later goals include getting your first song cut or actually getting paid to write songs.  Most importantly I tell all my writers to “enjoy the process”.   It’s a great business and its fun to be creative and share that talent with others.  SO.. Achieve your goals one at a time, enjoy the process, be tenacious (another topic for TSZ) and some measure of success will surely come your way.


Hey all, this is Jonathan Stone coming at you from The Stone Zone.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

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