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Protecting Your Website Investment – Part 2

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

In our last article we focused on protecting your domain name. If you are listed as the registrant, if the contact email is up to date, and if you have access to your domain account, and if you have your domains set to auto-renew you should be covered.

Now we’re going to focus on protecting your website. Websites are nothing more than a collection of files. Some files contain instructions about how the site should look, some files contain instructions about what the site should do, some files contain information about what content the site should display, and some files are images that are displayed on the site.

Most sites are hosted on an external web hosting server. This is the server that is contacted and that “serves up” your web pages when someone visits your site. The files that comprise your website are stored on the server. In order to protect your site, it’s important that you have copies of all of these files.

If you’re technically savvy you can download the site files yourself. You’ll want all of the web files, and in some cases, you’ll also have database files that are a part of your site, and you’ll want them too. Make a copy of all your files on a CD or DVD for safe keeping. If your site content changes regularly, you should make new copies of your files regularly as well.

If you’re not the technical type, ask your webmaster, website developer or web hosting company to make a copy of your site files for you. There is usually only a small fee involved, and once you have a copy of your files you’ll have taken the second and final step in protecting your website investment.

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