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Does Time Warner Even CARE About Customers?

Friday, April 18th, 2008

This morning we came to work to find out that our Internet connection was DOWN. Now, it’s pretty hard to work without a connection when your BUSINESS involves developing websites (we do lots of hosting as well, but all of our mail servers and web servers are in world class data centers that generally never go down).

So we called Time Warner, only to discover that they were doing “maintenance.” WHAT!!?? Maintenance during the work week that interupts your connection? What ever happened to the concept of doing maintenance during “off hours” so you don’t inconvenience your customers? When I worked in the radio industry and we had to take a transmitter offline for maintenance, we’d schedule it at midnight and work through the night so we didn’t inconvenience the majority of our listeners. Most companies would never think of taking their servers down in the middle of the day for the same reason. But Time Warner? Right smack in the middle of the day. Wow.

When I asked the technician if there was a way for him to get a comment up the “food chain” so that the powers that be got the message that this was a bad idea, I was told that he had no way of submitting customer comments. Wow again. So I asked him for an email address that I could send a comment to, only to be told that there was not even a mechanism in place to do that! Wow, wow, and wow.

So the question is, does Time Warner even CARE about their customers? I believe there are plenty of good, caring people that work for Time Warner. But as a corporate entity, I think the obvious answer is NO!

eSolutions is blogging

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Welcome to the new eSolutions blog. Here we will feature discussions on hosting, development, design and maybe a rant or two. We hope you enjoy it and will contribute to our topics.